First and foremost, Proximity is a Solutions Provider, security psychiatrists of sort. As an organization Proximity provides a full complement of consulting services for Homeland Security, Defense and Civilian initiatives. The scope of Proximity and its professionals' core competence are expansive and encompass a breadth of vertical markets and applications.

End-to-end services provide customers with a single point of contact and responsibility, which minimize costs while expediting projects and programs. From inception to legacy expansion; small systems or sophisticated enterprise; Proximity is an innovative problem solver. We accomplish the task utilizing the latest future-proof technologies out of the Proximity laboratories offering end-to-end ready for market solutions, which can interoperate with third party applications from a myriad of providers.

Proximity services include:

  • Technical design
    • Considering the complexity of today's risks, there has never a more challenging environment to secure people, property and information. Best practices and methods require up-to-the-minute knowledge of global risks and applying equipment and technology with a vision. Understanding threat levels and customer environments is crucial.
    • Proximity's staff is made up of some of the industry's most seasoned, creative technical designers and innovators, specializing in system customization and implementation. Our security professionals apply their past experiences and knowledge in the particular fields. Their expertise is an asset to any project, providing the ability to conduct more comprehensive risk analyses.
      It is our objective to apply the required technologies and skill sets to provide client success. We work side-by-side with our customers to analyse threat assessment and design the most suitable solutions. These solutions address physical, operational, technical, virtual security and potential vulnerabilities encountered by emerging technologies.
    • Proximity designs systems inclusive of:

� Video Surveillance
� Command & Control
� Asset Management 
� Perimeter Intrusion
� Control Rooms
� Rapidly Deployable Solution.

  • Engineering systems
    • Proximity's expansive engineering capabilities result in meeting customer objectives and requirements. Our motto of CCTV end-to-end solutions carries through to engineering process from concept to completion. We produce consistent results in the most challenging of locations by utilization of superior technically advanced methodologies for engineering
    • Our project approach is based upon a few basic principles beginning with listening and understanding what the stakeholder has to say. Such input minimizes the need for system redesigns, which result in project delays and cost overruns.
    • Proximity uses a toolbox of proprietary information management solutions to communicate with customers and underlying project teams through virtual environments. Application of virtual technologies allows up-to-the-minute input, status and collaboration. The result is an educated group of contributors and overseers.
  • Quality control
    • At Proximity "quality control" is at the core of all services and products delivered to the client and the mantra of our employee body. In design we apply well known business process management methodologies. In project management our applications are similar whereby project managers and project teams inspect the accomplished work to ensure its' alignment with the project scope and customer expectations.
    • Proximity undertakes to assign the quality of the delivered solution to everyone involved with the project. The premise is to meet or exceed objectives by implementing a practice of extensive customer involvement, strategic planning, process management, clear and concise information and feedback, cross-functional product design and a buy in from the ranks.
    • Application of defined processes achieves a stable and predictable result of measured success. Our ultimate goal over the long term is sustainable quality by using verifiable data rather than guesswork or assumptions. Continue to build from a knowledge base and apply the lessons learned to growth and improvement.
  • Strategic planning
    • Security Audits. The planning process begins with threat assessment and security audits. Proximity achieves its goal with comprehensive evaluations of existing security measures, systems and procedures to identify deficiencies and provide recommendations for limiting losses and minimizing facility continuity interruptions.
    • Master Planning. Following a careful audit and analysis process the master plan is initiated. We develop an enterprise-wide security plan addressing the requirements of the project and combining effective architecture, operating procedures and security systems into an integrated plan. Our approach is to reduce capital operating and maintenance costs while meeting established security performance standards.
    • Emergency Response. As part of an overall plan we define procedures for emergency response. Action plans are conceived with workflow and doctrine accounting for any type disaster, emergency or event.
    • Operational Planning. We analyse and evaluate an organization's security manpower needs and develop appropriate control solutions using combinations of security management, investigative, in-house and outside guard service personnel.
  • Program and project management
    • Statistical data is proving more and more that many projects and programs fail to meet objective on both a scheduling and cost basis. Security initiatives becoming more complex each day require proper and effective program managers with appropriate and up to date skill sets.
    • Proximity is staffed with the requisite personnel to accomplish the task at hand. Paramount to our success is the application of proven engineering techniques, which result in shortened cycle times, lower costs, better visibility, minimized risk and flexible processes.
    • With project and organizational maturity Proximity has honed its' management processes from concept to completion. Our seasoned Project Management Professionals lend their expertise to our clients from minimal duration basic projects to complex enterprise mission critical initiatives.
  • Life cycle and logistic support
    • Customers turn to Proximity to enhance their life cycle and logistics support program performance. As a leading global designer, developer and integrator of end-to-end security solutions we provide stakeholders a level of comfort knowing we possess the knowledge across a broad cross section of solutions.
    • In our rapidly evolving world of security concerns our customers are challenged to remain current and safe. The complexity of threats requires solutions that are comprehensive and sophisticated. Proximity solutions deliver on all accounts and provide customers an edge to achieve maximum protection and ability to leverage their infrastructure investments; once implemented assets require management.
    • Our application specific asset management software offers our customers insight into their operations providing intelligence for logistics, transport and dispatch. Proximity's objective is predictability in budgets, workflow, resources and management.
    • Our capabilities extend to technical support, dispatch, maintenance, distribution services, systems management and administration for third party as well as CCTV systems. Total lifecycle management offers our customers complete asset management and control.

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