Security decisions, which will determine your organization’s security for years to come, require a considered approach along with expertise and experience of security and industry best practices.

Expert security consultants can provide invaluable guidance in making the right plans to keep your property and people secure. An acknowledged industry leader with over 25 years' experience in security business, Proximity’s team of security consultant experts offer clients  advice to prevent, plan for, and respond appropriately to the many security risks and threats they face.

Proximity offers a full spectrum of security consulting services, from assessments to policy development and audits. With our comprehensive set of services, we can provide your organization with security policy solutions that will be tailored to your requirements and to the exact risks you face.

 Security Consulting includes:

  1. Facility Threat Assessments

    • Security reviews for securing facilities and workplaces against security threats of terrorism, workplace violence, and theft.
    • Proximity security reviews evaluate facilities’ vulnerabilities to risks and determine the likelihood that a threat will be realized. We then recommend appropriate security measures to reduce the risks from these threat
  2. Executive Threat Assessments

    • Protective services for an individual are different from securing a facility.
    • Threats facing executives vary widely depending on the industry, size of the company, and the individual executive's profile.  Proximity examines all threat risks and develops a baseline level of protective security for your executives, whatever the threat level they are facing
  3. Vulnerability Assessments

    • A comprehensive security review and vulnerability assessment is an essential step in securing your business.
    • Proximity identifies potential vulnerabilities in your security operations via a full security review, and provides a gap analysis identifying areas where your security program does not meet industry best practices.  Having identified vulnerable areas, Proximity makes recommendations and guides you in implementing measures to close security gaps and reduce your risk
  4. Security Master Planning

    • All good security planning begins with a master plan - a vision of the security department, its roles and responsibilities, and how they fit into the overall organization.
    • This “big picture” approach to security serves as a foundation on which every aspect of the department is then built.  Proximity looks at security holistically in that we address all aspects of security planning simultaneously to provide our clients with a security master plan that serves as a cohesive security solution
  5. Policy & Procedure Development

    • For a security program to be effective, the requirements of each participant in the security program must be clearly defined.
    • This includes not only the security department but management, other related units and employees. Proximity assists clients in developing and documenting comprehensive security program policies and procedures.  These security programs cover access control, visitor screening, pre-employment background checks, CCTV monitoring, workplace violence prevention, and many other systems and features.
    • Technical Security Counter Measures
    • Corporate organizations and private individuals are increasingly concerned about the risk of internal and/or external theft, burglary, acts of vandalism, terrorism, as well as electronic eavesdropping, the possible interception of communication systems and the potential for the loss of confidential information by the same means.
    • In order to counter these threats, Proximity conducts TSCM sweeps on a regular and individual basis for many corporations and individual clients at venues and locations around the world. Proximity specialists are highly trained in this type of work, and many have a Forces or Security Services background.
    • Proximity can carry out the required sweep during the daytime, evening or weekend to minimize disruption to clients
  6. Security Audits

    • A security audit is an essential assessment of how effectively an organization's security policies are being implemented.
    • Proximity conducts audits of existing security measures in order to identify gaps and vulnerabilities within a client's systems and procedures. We provide recommendations for steps that can mitigate risk.
    • Security measures are of little use if they are not enforced, so Proximity works with clients to establish a balanced and effective security program with which they are comfortable and confident
  7. Executive Protection

    • Proximity provides, in a joint-venture with a renowned security company in Lebanon, protective security services for high net worth individuals
    • Proximity's Executive Protection services include
      • Close Protection:  Proximity operatives provide immediate close protection and advise our clients on security issues. Our specialists are licensed through the Security Industry Authority, have carried out the appropriate level of training and have many years’ operational experience in similar assignments.
      • Security Driver: The addition of a security driver ensures that clients are safely transported. This can be further enhanced by the use of an escort vehicle and additional close protection operatives, should the threat dictate an elevation in security.
      • Physical Residential Security: Close protection operatives can be deployed to secure both homes and offices. This ensures the client’s home is secured 24 hours a day, in addition to their office when required.

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