Fire and Life Safety Solutions

Fire and Life Safety Solutions from Xtralis

Xtralis is the inventor and pioneer of VESDA aspirating smoke detection (ASD) technology and remains the world’s No. 1 supplier of ASD systems. Top governments and businesses around the globe rely on Xtralis for technically superior life safety solutions to protect people, critical infrastructure and high-value or irreplaceable assets.

VESDA-E: The Next Generation of Aspirating Smoke Detection

VESDA-E is the next generation of aspirating smoke detection (ASD) from Xtralis. VESDA-E offers ultra-sensitive ASD; 15 times better than current VESDA models with double the longevity, improved dust rejection, and 4% less power consumption. VESDA-E brings precision addressability to ASD with fixed and flexible pipe networks up to 120 holes per system.  Other advanced features, including StaX expansion modules, add capabilities like gas detection and analytics software for enhanced detection & monitoring; connectivity from WiFi to Ethernet and smart devices, and remote field programmability. VESDA-E is the most advanced, reliable, and flexible ASD system ever.

Very Early Warning Smoke Detection

Xtralis provides highly reliable smoke detection at the earliest presence of fire while discriminating against false alarms. Conventional fire detection does not offer adequate protection because toxic smoke can begin to spread, and fire damage can occur before a warning is issued. In contrast, Xtralis’ VESDA and ICAM aspirating smoke detection (ASD) systems continuously sample the air for the smallest traces of smoke to provide valuable time to understand a threat and stage an intelligent response. Our powerful life safety solutions provide reliable smoke detection in zero-tolerance environments, adhering to the highest safety standards and mitigating risks to facilities, assets and personnel.

Gas Detection and Environmental Monitoring

Xtralis offers more than just fire detection solutions. Our VESDA and ICAM ASD systems can be extended to include gas detection and environmental monitoring.
VESDA ECO and ICAM ECO can be used to detect smoke as well as hazardous/combustible gases that pose unseen threats. These solutions provide cost-effective, 24/7 active air sampling for the early detection of gas leaks even in the toughest of environments.

Open-area Smoke Detection

Fire detection for buildings with open spaces presents unique challenges, and very early warning may not always be the priority. When only standard sensitivity detection is required, Open-area Smoke Imaging Detection (OSID) by Xtralis offers the most reliable and cost-effective smoke detection solution for open spaces. It delivers superior performance to overcome all of the shortcomings inherent to other detection systems currently used in these applications such as beam, heat and flame detectors.


Harsh Environment Detection

Industrial VESDA VLI is the first Aspirating Smoke detector specially designed for industrial use. Fire detection becomes very challenging due to extreme environmental conditions in industries such as mining, power generation, warehousing, waste treatment, recycling plants, and process industries. Due to excessive heat, pollution, and noise, traditional fire detection systems are not fully capable of performing effectively in these harsh environments. After over 20 years of successfully deploying ASD in Industrial settings, Xtralis developed VLI to specifically meet the needs of such industrial applications.