Xtralis Security Solutions

Xtralis Security Solutions Overview


Xtralis offers a powerful portfolio of mobile, perimeter, multi-site and enterprise security solutions that lead the industry in reliability and value. ADPRO and HeiTel solutions deliver unparalleled situational awareness from the perimeter of your facility to its very core, transforming your enterprise security program from reactive monitoring to proactive threat detection.


Intrusion Detection and Perimeter Security

Security starts at the perimeter with intelligent intrusion detection to prevent unauthorized entry into a sensitive or high-security area. From detecting suspicious activity at a chemical plant or unlawful entry at an airline hangar, intrusion detection and perimeter security solutions help proactively identify threats before they escalate.


Video Recording, Transmission and Storage

In the event of an intrusion, time is of the essence. The quicker an incident is detected and transmitted, the lower the level of potential disruption and damage to property and assets. Rather than using video forensically, investment in intrusion detection combined with video for proactive surveillance offers real protection when you need it most.


Mobile Video Recording & Transmission

Mobile applications such as public transportation, armored vehicles, & taxis are vulnerable to security threats such as vandalism, violence, & theft.  Police & fire fleets are also involved in fast-paced, life and death situations where the scene can be interpreted & recalled differently.   HeiTel by Xtralis has mobile solutions for transmission & recording designed for ruggedized, harsh, remote environments with limited connectivity.  The security solution transmits & records live high-definition video for detection & visual verification of a threat situation over any cellular network at any bandwidth to a Central Monitoring Station (CMS).


Remote Monitoring/Central Monitoring Stations

The ADPRO remote surveillance product line is a leading platform with a proven track record of proactive technology resulting in loss prevention and cost reduction for many customers. The ADPRO suite of multi-site security solutions provide an end-to-end remote surveillance solution for central stations looking to enhance existing services or add a completely new set of services to generate additional RMR.


Access Control

Xtralis access control solutions extend Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology to the door, facilitating power supply and network traffic over a single cable. PoE door locks, card readers and biometric sensors leverage existing IP network infrastructure for simplified “plug-and-use” deployment and low total cost of ownership.


Enterprise Security

Security, access control and video have converged onto IP networks, and Xtralis was the first company to introduce a portfolio of access control and security solutions to meet the unique demands of today’s IT and security professionals. Designed to work in concert with existing IT systems and networks, all the solutions in the Xttralis enterprise security portfolio are built on common IT industry standards, making them easy to integrate with a variety of enterprise computing platforms.


Traffic Detection

Xtralis offers traffic data acquisition and intersection control solutions for improving the safety and security of highways, arterial roads and intersections. They combine a variety of detection technologies to deliver optimum performance and reliable counting, speed assessment and classification of vehicles and pedestrians.