Minimizing Loss from Fire, Security Systems for the Insurance Industry

The insurance business is concerned with effectively managing risk and minimizing exposure to loss. But often the life safety and security solutions deployed by insured organizations do not adequately protect against threats such as vandalism, theft and the catastrophic effects of fire. The performance of these early detection smoke and fire systems can be the difference between minimal impact to an insurer’s business and losses that lead to large insurance claims and payouts that jeopardize solvency.

Why Xtralis Life Safety Solutions?

  • Reduce you and your clients’ risk against losses from fire
  • Reliable smoke and fire detection in a wide array of environments where traditional detection systems are challenged – from large open spaces with smoke dilution to areas that are hard to access or with high or unpredictable airflow
  • High sensitivity for the earliest possible warning of a fire and multiple configurable pre-alarms to trigger responses, providing valuable time to respond, investigate and take remedial action to minimize damage and reduce exposure
  • Active sampling of the environment where smoke will travel and positioning of detectors in locations that are easily accessible for testing and maintenance
  • Unique detection chamber design protects the detector optics from contamination, reducing nuisance alarms and maintaining detector sensitivity for a long operational life
  • Enhanced suppression system performance through timely notification and intelligent suppression activation

Why Xtralis Security Solutions?

  • Reduce you and your clients’ risk against losses from vandalism, theft and other security breaches
  • Integrated, IT-centric access control and video surveillance for improved situational awareness and simplified IT management across security subsystems
  • Full range of intrusion detection, video recording and transmission equipment for monitoring and detection against threats and cost-effective alarm verification in unmanned or secure areas
  • Powerful perimeter protection for unsurpassed monitoring of fence lines or site boundaries with automated alarm verification and notification in the event of a breach
  • Comprehensive range of flexible and scalable IP access control solutions, with seamless integration to M3000 command and control software, and to video surveillance and biometrics for identity verification
An insurer’s business can be at risk if a client fails to safeguard against loss to property, assets, personnel and business continuity. That is why many of today’s leading insurers turn to Xtralis. Xtralis’s intelligent life safety and security solutions cater to the needs of the insurer and insured’s risk management objectives and offer the earliest detection of threats to minimize losses from fire and security threats. By recommending life safety and security solutions from Xtralis, insurers help clients gain unparalleled situational awareness to deter and eliminate threats – reducing claims, minimizing business interruption and reducing exposure.