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Campus Fire Safety and Security Systems from Xtralis

College and university campuses and healthcare facilities face similar fire safety and security challenges and require the best in early threat detection to enable a safe and efficient evacuation if required. When it comes to fire detection, challenges include the costs associated with false alarms and maintenance and testing – especially in areas that are difficult to access, poor reliability in large, open spaces, and minimal aesthetic impacts. Combustible gases and chemicals in hospital and university laboratories and storage facilities further complicate fire detection. In terms of security, these institutions share the responsibilities of controlling access, preventing theft and vandalism, and securing such areas as staff offices and parking areas especially late at night.

Why Xtralis Life Safety Solutions?
  • Very early warning detection alerts life safety personnel before an incipient fire becomes a major, devastating blaze.
  • High sensitivity allows alarm thresholds to be set for the earliest possible warning of a fire even in areas of high airflow, such as ducts or large, open spaces where smoke may be diluted.
  • Multiple alarms to prompt staff attendance and help prevent unnecessary panic among students, patients and visitors – from very early warning for investigation and security management to subsequent warnings for evacuation and suppression
  • Supports integration with mass notification systems
  • Wide sensitivity range allows alarm thresholds to be programmed to reduce the cost of nuisance alarms.
  • Unobtrusive and tamper-proof sampling of the environment for excellent aesthetics
  • Flexible positioning of detectors in secure locations that are easily accessible for lowest cost of testing and maintenance
  • Advanced detector diagnostics and support for remote monitoring and configuration of life safety systems in unmanned or secured areas
  • Unique detection chamber design protects the detector optics from contamination, reducing nuisance alarms and maintaining detector sensitivity for a long operational life
Why Xtralis Security Solutions?
  • Full range of intrusion detection, video recording and transmission equipment for detecting threats and cost-effective alarm verification in unmanned or secure areas
  • Award-winning video detection specifically designed for automated outdoor surveillance, which dramatically reduces costs of real-time surveillance while increasing security
  • Powerful defense-grade perimeter protection for unsurpassed monitoring of fence lines or site boundaries with automated alarm verification and notification in the event of a breach
  • Use of two-way audio system for warning off an intruder or asking a visitor for identification at a call point
  • Comprehensive range of flexible and scalable IP access control solutions
  • Enables confirmation of the arrival/departure and contents of deliveries
  • Patent-pending IP video server and storage solution delivers a long operational life with less than half the lifetime costs of comparable video storage systems
  • Comprehensive range of IP access control solutions and central management with fully integrated M3000 Command and Control Software
High-quality fire detection and security solutions and years of experience in protecting people and property means that Xtralis has earned its reputation for the lowest cost of ownership in a wide range of applications on college and university campuses and healthcare facilities. Those entrusted with the safety and security of students and patients turn to Xtralis for complete protection to avoid unnecessary campus evacuations, service disruptions and negative impacts to surrounding communities. With the M3000 Command and Control Software, campus fire detection and security applications can be integrated on one unified platform. Proactive alerts from these sensors provide around-the-clock protection without nuisance alarms and operational intelligence for more informed response in the event of a real threat or emergency.