Data Centers


Security Solutions and Fire Detection Systems for Data Centers

Transitions in IT and communications infrastructure have surpassed traditional detection methodologies.  Today’s precision, high-density IT and Communication infrastructures require superior detection technologies capable of performing in these challenging and dynamic environments.

Consequences of fire or physical security breaches can have catastrophic effects on business continuity and reliability of the network.  Mitigating these risks requires investment in detection technologies capable of providing advanced notification of impeding threats.


Xtralis is your source for IT and communication infrastructure Fire and Security solutions, offering:
  • Hardened solutions with proved performance
  • Demonstrated reliability
  • Lower cost over lifetime of service


Why Xtralis Fire Detection Solutions?


  • Very Early Warning detection performance
  • Active vs passive detection performance
  • Cumulative detection performance
  • Predictable detection performance
  • Absolute detection performance with fixed calibration
  • Unaffected by airflow or temperature extremes when properly designed
  • Multiple alarm thresholds for staged response
  • Flexible monitoring configurations
  • Low maintenance
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Accessibility without disruption of operations

Why Xtralis Security Solutions?

  • Full range of defense-grade intrusion detection, video recording and transmission equipment for monitoring and detection against threats and cost-effective alarm verification in unmanned or secure areas
  • Powerful perimeter protection for unsurpassed monitoring of fence lines or site boundaries with automated alarm verification and notification in the event of a breach
  • Comprehensive range of flexible and scalable IP access control solutions, with seamless integration to M3000 Command and Control Software, and to video surveillance and biometrics for identity verification
  • Small-site, large-site and multi-site IP access control with encryption over IP and IP to the door via Power over Ethernet
  • Patent-pending IP video server delivers unlimited storage with less than half the lifetime costs of comparable video storage systems