Murano sounder is one of the products leader of Venitem collection. Joined to glass masters’ meticulous productive logic, this intrusion sounder results extremely perfected in all its details. The unfailing innovative design, almost aggressive, winner of many awards, together with the original choice of colors confirms the vanguard style of this product. Murano is equipped with a sophisticated microprocessor circuit able to satisfy any customer need, a double magnetic tamper reed anti-opening and anti-removal, anti-shock system and patented anti-foam double technology system against false alerts, alarm listing, programmable sounds, flashing memory, automatic battery self-test and many other functions. Our tradition continues with the standard computerized test of products and the resin immersion of the electronic circuits. The sounder is composed by a base in plastic ABS, internal cover and external cover in ABS, painted with particular colors, obtained by a special 4 coating painting process able to preserve constantly colors in time. It is possible to custiomize this sounder with logos, embossed resin stickers, serigraphies and decal, for the satisfaction of every aesthetic request. High technology and tradition: the winning Murano binomial.

IMQ - Security Systems II and III Level and INCERTCertification for Belgium.

Complying to EN 50131-4 Standard.

Available models: