wireless A/V Transmitters

Various wireless A/V Transmitters

  • Small size, light weight, built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Battery running time: JT-1205C8 to 90 minutes above; JT-1210C8 to 50 minutes above.
  • JT-1210C8 with 0.5W/1W switchable output power.
  • 8 channels.
  • Low power & signal interrupted alert by LED indicator.
  • A Ø2.5mm/DC5V video input and 5V/DC output to supply camera battery use.
  • 4W high power wireless A/V transmitter, high efficient PLL power transform & power-saving design, current consumption is only 1A/12VDC.
  • Works with either rechargeable or vehicle battery, suit for A/V transmission in rescue, surveillance and any difficult environments mission.
  • Large cooling blade & forced cooling system for long time transmitting.
  • 2 A/V input, can co-work with camcorder, CCD camera and various hidden cameras via a Ø2.5mm/DC5V connector.
  • Transmission distance: 500M above/standard antenna; 1,000M above/10dB directional antenna.


Model JT-1205C8 JT-1210C8 JT-1240C4
Frequency range 1200MHz 1200MHz 1200MHz
Channel 8Ch 8Ch 4Ch
Output power 0.5W 0.5W/1W 4W
Transmission range Around 100~150M Around 300~400M Around 500~1000M
Power supply 2,200mA/3.7VDC 2,200mA/3.7VDC 1.5A/12VDC外接
Battery running time 90 minutes (w/battery) 50 minutes (w/battery) Supply by power adapter
Dimension 78x66x15 mm 55x23x85 mm 99x90x60 mm
Weight Around 130g (w/battery) Around 110g (w/battery) Around550g (exclude battery)


  • WRD-3 wrist-wear wireless A/V Receiver/Recorder
  • JR-1208P wireless receiver
  • Li rechargeable battery & charger (running time up to 3 hrs above)
  • 10dB directional antenna for longer range transmitting