Fire and Safety Systems for Airports, Train & Bus Stations

From airports and seaports to mass transit systems and distribution networks, the most important objective for operators is providing safe passage for millions of people and tons of high-value cargo. Operators also are concerned with efficiency and service continuity – getting people and goods where they need to go without service disruptions. Because the transportation facilities encompass thousands of square feet, fire protection is paramount to prevent a blaze from spreading and endangering life, equipment and cargo. And secure access must be carefully balanced with efficient flow of goods and people through a busy facility.

Why Xtralis Life Safety Solutions?

  • Very early warning of a fire event
  • Powerful detection in large, open spaces where smoke is easily diluted or stratified
  • Reliably detects smoke even in areas of high airflow, where drafts from train motion or air conditioning may interfere with the normal dispersion of smoke
  • Flexible design allows sampling pipes to be positioned near mechanical equipment for very early detection of smouldering smoke
  • Cost-effective and easy access to centrally located detectors
  • Configurable alarm thresholds allow staged response to fire, e.g., initiate automatic response options, such as shutting down power to equipment affected by fire, which protects lives, assets and business continuity.
  • Powerful event management tools for emergency response help enable safe and timely evacuation
  • Simple expansion for the detection of multiple gases and environmental monitoring without major construction or retrofitting

Why Xtralis Security Solutions?

  • Full range of intrusion detection, video recording and transmission solutions for monitoring and detection against risks
  • Remote monitoring and configuration of detectors in unmanned or secure areas
  • Award-winning video detection specifically designed for automated outdoor surveillance dramatically reduces costs of real-time surveillance
  • Powerful, defense-grade perimeter protection for unsurpassed monitoring of fence lines or site boundaries with automated alarm verification and notification in the event of a breach
  • Comprehensive range of flexible and scalable IP access control solutions
  • M3000 Command and Control Software delivers actionable intelligence from video surveillance and access control systems
  • Revolutionary Cold Disk Technology™ IP video server delivers unlimited video storage with less than half the lifetime costs of comparable video systems.
Transportation and logistics operators turn to Xtralis for reliable fire detection and security solutions to detect and deter life safety and security threats before staff, travelers, facilities, cargo and service continuity is compromised. With Xtralis intelligent life safety and security solutions, threats at transportation facilities can be detected at the earliest possible stage, providing valuable time to take action to avoid or minimize harm. Xtralis solutions also protect mission-critical distribution networks against fire and security breaches that can compromise the operation of global supply chains. All of our award-winning safety and security solutions can be seamlessly integrated and managed on a single software platform for a 360-degree view of operations.