Power / Utilities

Power Plant Safety and Security Systems from Xtralis

Utilities, including traditional electric and nuclear power plants and water treatment facilities, as well as oil and gas production facilities and refineries, are critical to the infrastructure and economy of the cities, states and countries in which they are located. While they produce important commodities for everyday life, they also pose a danger to workers and surrounding neighbors if the right precautions aren’t taken to secure them from such threats as fire and unauthorized entry by terrorists or thieves.

Why Xtralis Life Safety Solutions?

  • High sensitivity ensures the earliest possible warning of fire in challenging environments with large, open spaces
  • Multiple alarm levels to enable investigation before fire breaks out within the power plant and subsequent warnings to initiate automated fire department notification, evacuation and suppression
  • Sampling points in or near critical equipment for the earliest possible detection of smoke
  • Extensive testing in duct environments for optimum installation and reliable sampling despite dilution because of high airflows
  • Superior performance in harsh environments and a high resistance to contamination through the use of our clean air-barrier technology that protects the detection chamber for long operational life
  • Remote monitoring and configuration of detectors in unmanned plant sites
  • Ability to locate sampling holes within the power plant where smoke will travel and position the detector in a location that is easily accessible for maintenance
  • Powerful event management tools for emergency response to enable safe and timely evacuation
  • Simple expansion for the detection of multiple gases and environmental monitoring without major construction or retrofitting

Why Xtralis Security Solutions?

  • Full range of intrusion detection, video alarm recording and transmission equipment for remote-site intrusion detection and cost effective alarm verification
  • Award-winning video detection specifically designed for automated outdoor surveillance, which dramatically reduces costs of real-time surveillance while increasing power plant security
  • Patent-pending IP video server and storage solution at half or less the lifetime costs of comparable video storage systems while drastically enhancing system lifetime
  • Comprehensive range of IP access control solutions, tying into the fully integrated video M3000 Command and Control Software
  • Central monitoring station integration to allow prompt threat assessment and response
Utilities and power plants of any kind can turn to Xtralis to enhance their safety and security. From very early smoke detection and fire prevention to access control, small- and large-scale video surveillance and intrusion detection, Xtralis offers very early warning and unparalleled situational awareness to ensure that appropriate actions can be taken to eliminate any threats before damage or harm occurs. In addition, our solutions can be integrated for seamless protection from the edge of a facility to its very core.